Integration Services

Healthcare Integrations offers professional integration services to connect disparate data systems, software, and instruments. Our team of developers use Mirth Connect as the preferred integration engine to enable data exchange. Our clients use our services to build, manage, and maintain integrations in a secure, cost-effective manner.

Who We Serve

Healthcare Integrations serves any healthcare organization that needs help overcoming interoperability problems, but we specialize in helping laboratories and software vendors scale their businesses through interoperability.

Our Expertise

At Healthcare Integrations, you’re working with healthcare professionals who specialize in Health IT solutions. Our expertise and experience are tailored to the healthcare industry, with a special focus on helping laboratories and software vendors scale their business through integrations.

Healthcare Integrations has expertise in the following:

Data Formats
  • HL7 v2
  • HL7 v3 (CDA)
  • FHIR (HL7 v4)
  • CSV
  • JSON
  • XML
  • ASTM
  • Embedded PDFs
  • TXT
Connectivity Methods
  • SFTP
  • FTPS
  • VPN
  • Fax
  • AWS S3
  • SMTP

Commonly Requested Integrations

Healthcare Integrations has built many kinds of HIPAA-compliant integrations for our clients. Below are some of the most commonly requested ones:

Our Team

The Healthcare Integrations team is exclusively located in the US. Our team is fully remote, allowing us to serve our clients in all continental US time zones. Our team completes an annual HIPAA compliance training to ensure we are keeping your PHI secure and protected.

Service Models

For clients that already use Mirth Connect, we operate as a bolt-on team, supplementing their existing resources to build, manage, and maintain their integrations. The degree of our support can vary based on our clients’ needs, from an as-needed basis to fully managed services.

For clients that do not yet use Mirth Connect, we can create and implement the necessary infrastructure on our clients’ servers, so that they retain ownership and control of their integrations, or we can manage their integrations using our own infrastructure.

Client has their own Mirth Connect serverClient does not have their own Mirth Connect Server
Client has their own integration resourcesClient Hosted,
As Needed
Client Hosted,
As Needed
Client does not have their own integration resourcesClient Hosted, Managed ServicesHCI Hosted,
Managed Services
Typical service models based on our client’s resources and infrastructure.

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